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Insignia Graphix Disclaimer

Vinyl graphics are fitted to customer’s vehicles at the owners risk.

Due to the single application nature of vinyl graphics, refunds are not available for correctly applied vinyl to the customers specification if the customer later decides they do not like the design / effect.

Factory painted cars are the perfect bed to install vinyl graphics onto, but there is a risk with resprayed vehicles / parts of vehicles, with badly painted or poor condition paint work, that paint may come away with vinyl when removed.

We stress that Insignia Signs & Graphix Limited cannot be held responsible for any paintwork coming away or deeper cut marks being present due to the result of soft or non hardened paintwork.

We take great care in not leaving marks or scratches when fitting vinyl to vehicles, however in some cases, graphics that require hand cutting or trimming when on the vehicle may sometimes leave a visible surface line that, on vinyl removal, may need minor repair, this is especially the case in newly painted vehicles, we advise that 3 weeks minimum be left between painting & any form of graphics being fitted.

Insignia Signs & Graphix Limited will not be held responsibie for any damage caused in any way due to fitment or removal of third party graphics which are supplied by it’s customer

This includes any paintwork damage whatsoever, paint removal, paintwork damage or cut marks being more prominent or visible.

Insignia Signs & Graphix Limited cannot offer any warranty or guarantee against the fitting of third party graphics supplied by customers.

Please be quite sure you wish to proceed and are happy with the final design before any vinyl is cut.

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Here at Insignia Signs & Graphix Ltd we offer a range of graphics including:

   • Bikes to boats
   • Cars to cranes
   • Trucks to trailors
   • Vans to virtually anything

Specialist in ECE104 and chapter 8 vehicle reflective markings, fully compliant with new regulations.

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